What is Verse Collective?

Verse Collective gets it's name from the concept I hope to make tangible. My goal is to build a community, and hopefully shared physical space, where makers can create and share their art and expression genuinely and fulfillingly. As it currently stands, Verse Collective is a one-person show. It is my hope that this changes as the concept grows into the collective I dream it to be. 

If this sounds like a project you want to take part in, I encourage you to reach out to me! Introduce yourself! I'd love to get to know you and build this community with you!



My name is Shira and I'm a 25 year old nonbinary creator. I received my Bachelor's in Psychology in 2019 and while I'm certain this education is crucial for the way I communicate and navigate through the world, it's most certainly not for me as a career. Coming straight out of graduation and diving into quarantine less than a year later forced me to reckon with myself and what was really important to me. I found that I had no concrete sense of self and struggled to find what made me feel fulfilled and happy. Within the same year, I came to terms with my own neurodivergence and began my journey for a deeper understanding of my own core. It's this journey that kickstarted Verse.

I started this project as a means of exploring new mediums and outlets. I'm a very tactile person and working with all sorts of different mediums such as clay, textile, and paint has brought such joy to my everyday life. Being able to make time for my art and creations and share them with others has been a nothing short of amazing. This experience of expression and exploration is what I would like to share and create this space for; a space of comfort, inspiration, safety, and inclusion.